We are a three generation broadcasting family whose has been at it since 1959. It all started with Dad's ministry of preaching & playing the organ in his studio for morning drive. Ten year later, Mom's idea was to round out Dad's ministry with a little flare of her own...(and at 78 she still has it)...

Contemporary Christian music was VERY cutting edge at the time when mom launched her own Christian signal in Grand Rapids, Michigan and a legacy for our family was born.

Today we have experienced 20+ signals and formats in the Lower and Upper Peninsulas of Michigan. God has blessed us and we could retire and let the third generation take it over. But while all 3 generations are still involved, we want to give the U.P. one more dynamite signal.

The ReadyFM Difference

Since quality makes people feel valued, so we are only play uncompressed high resolution .wav files taken directly from the artists. This means when you listen to you will know something is different and your ear & heart will feel it.

We also realize with all our years in broadcasting, we don't need to be limited to just the “Top 40”. There's a whole world of music out there, and we are confident you'll like the diverse collection of music. is locally owned, and produced with U.P. friends and family, just to express how valuable they are.

Important Info is a 501c3 corporation which means if God nudges you to participate in this Christian Mission your gifts will be carefully used and documented for year end tax records.

Thanks to our FCC Attorney Cary Tepper, who has served all 3 generations, and was able to recapture our families original call letters from 1959. Cary has reassigned WSHN to our Munising & Marquette 100,000 watt signal. WSHN, goes way back to our first generation Stuart and Helene Noordyk. They purchased WBFC in Fremont Michigan the Gerber Baby Foods headquarters.

A special thanks to our broadcast consultant Ed Czelada of Imlay City Michigan for continuing technical support and friendship. Ed and his wife Jenn are owners of

Our mission is to help people feel valuable & ready for life. Thank you for helping

Contact us for additonal Information or to get involved

Rita Noordyk, General Manager
WSHN 89.3 Marquette - WCRR 88.9 Escanaba
3060 US 41 W. Marquette, Michigan 49855 - 1-855-Ready-89

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